Watch A Furious Mom Confront Her Son And Drag Him From Baltimore Riots

Watch a Furious Mom Confront Her Son and Drag Him From Baltimore Riots

VIDEO: Mom Smacks Her Son and Drags Him Out of Baltimore Riots

A Baltimore woman was celebrated across social media Monday after a video showed her apparently dragging her teenage son away from the rioting crowds.

In the clip, which was captured by a local TV crew, the woman confronted the boy, who was wearing a mask and gloves.

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It was then reported that the woman had actually confronted her own son, though their identities are not known. The teen was reportedly throwing rocks at police officers. The Baltimore police chief even called out the woman specifically in a press conference later in the night, saying he wishes he saw more parents doing the same. Riots began Monday afternoon when high school students were dismissed from school. A flier had been going around on social media, calling on students to “purge” at 3pm.   Shortly after schools let out, we saw images of huge groups of teens throwing objects – including bottles, rocks and bricks – at police officers. See more reactions to the viral video below: (Warning: some of these clips contain profanity.)



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