Watch As Teacher Goes BALLISTIC On Student ➠ But There’s Just One Problem!

[WATCH] Teacher Goes BALLISTIC On Student, There’s Just One Problem

Teacher Rant

A Dallas substitute teacher is in hot water over his recent verbal confrontation with a student. In most cases, it would be the teacher’s word against the student’s, but there’s just one thing the teacher didn’t consider. Apparently, his shocking rant was filmed.

According to Opposing Views, Mark Schaefer, a substitute teacher at Skyline High School in Dallas, Texas, was recently filmed spewing racial slurs and other derogatory comments at one of the students in the class — a junior named Eric Malone. He was also heard posing threats toward the student’s parents claiming he’d “put a cap” in the student’s father, Eric Malone Sr. It’s quite obvious all of the students in the class were quite shocked about the teacher’s outrageous comments.

As a matter of fact, the scene was so unbelievable, Malone asked the 68-year-old teacher to repeat himself several times. Unfortunately, Schaefer took the bait, giving Malone an opportunity to film him.


“If you want to [expletive]with me, I’ll show you what time it is in Detroit, [expletive]Michigan right [expletive]now.”


“Ok,” Malone replied.


“You got something to [expletive]say?”


“Oh, I’ve got something to say because I’m recording you right now.”


“Go ahead and record me, [expletive].”

The teacher’s rant reportedly lasted about five minutes — just enough time to capture incriminating footage for him to be fired. Schaefer’s lack of professionalism caused such a stir that Malone’s father reported him to the local news.

“Students had told me that he started saying racial slurs,” said Malone to reporters, “that he said, ‘Little black kid.’ And I asked him, I asked did he say ‘little black kid’? And he said, ‘Yes, I probably did say it and I probably said worse.’” More

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