Watch Blind, Autistic Boy Bring Down The House Singing “I Can Only Imagine”

chris duffley

Watch Blind, Autistic Boy Bring Down the House Singing “I Can Only Imagine”

Christopher Duffley is an 11 year old blind and Autistic singer and multi-instrumentalist.
Christopher was born prematurely. He weighed only 1 lb 12 oz at birth. His mother was on drugs. Stephen and Christine Duffley adopted Christopher when he was 14 months old, later learning that he was also autistic. The Duffleys dedication to caring and making the best home for Christopher led to the realization of his musical talents. His first instrument was piano and also experimented with trumpet, guitar, and drums. Experts later determined that Christopher has perfect pitch.

Christopher performed with the WOW Choir last year singing “I Can Only Imagine.”

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The Duffley family travels across the United States, sharing their extraordinary God story and Christopher’s amazing talent.

Watch Christopher Daffley sing “Open the Eyes of My Heart.”

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