Campus Reform Reveals To Students Their Share Of National Debt

Campus Reform Reveals To Students Their Share Of National Debt

*WATCH: Campus Reform Reveals to Students Their Share of National Debt


Editor-in-chief of Campus Reform Caleb Bonham informed students and citizens on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina of their lifetime share in the growing national debt and they couldn’t believe their ears.

The video demonstrates that many young people are unaware of how much money is borrowed on their behalf by the federal government. With the national tally racing past $18 trillion dollars, the reality for them is shocking.

Plugging in their birthdays into the Senate Budget Committee’s calculator, Bonham revealed to them that millenials have a tab of $600-, $700-, $800,000, and that children who are born in 2015 have it even worse, immediately owing over $1 million each.

Some of the responses included: “That’s crazy!” — “What?” — “I owe that much?” — “Bullsh*t!”

Bonham informed one bystander that President Obama has increased the national debt 70% since 2008, adding $8 trillion. The bystander responded, “That’s messed up, man.” He added, “We gotta do something to change that.”

Offering one solution were several ladies who said, “Tell Obama to get out of the White House.”

Bonham writes:

According to estimates, an individual citizen’s share of the nearly $18.2 trillion in outstanding debt equates to $56,716.65. The number becomes a comically large $1.1 million when factoring in the over $126 trillion in unfunded liabilities accumulated by the federal government.

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