Watch Carly Fiorina OWN Katie Couric On Climate Change

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Where Carly Fiorina shows all the men how to answer the media’s biased questions on climate change.



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Watch the whole thing; here are some choice bits…

The scientists that tell us that climate change is real and caused by man made activity, also tell us that a single nation acting alone can make no difference at all. So, when I see a state like California destroy lives and livelihoods with environmental regulations that will make no difference at all to climate change, when I see the Obama administration take that same regulation and apply it nationally – it will make not difference at all, yet we’re destroying people’s lives and livelihoods – I wonder, why are we doing this? Why are we doing this when it won’t have any impact? So I think the answer to this problem is innovation, not regulation. But I must say, it angers me when liberals says “I’m prepared for you to lose your job in the name of sending a signal to…” whom? China could care less? In fact, China is delighted that we are not spending any time or energy figuring out clean coal, because they’re going to go do it. More

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