Watch Carly Fiorina Run Circles Around Andrea Mitchell & Blast Hillary!


Carly Fiorina Runs Circles Around Andrea Mitchell, Blasts Hillary

During a live interview with Carly Fiorina on Wednesday, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell fretted over the Republican presidential candidate’s attacks on Hillary Clinton: “You were really the breakout star according to all reports from Iowa last weekend, the biggest crowds, especially when you went after Hillary Clinton. Is that because you’re the only woman in the Republican field, that you feel enabled to go after her?”

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Fiorina explained: “I think when 82% of the American people now believe that there is a professional political class more interested in preserving its own power and privilege than it is in serving the American people, people expect basic questions to be asked of anyone running for president. ‘What have you done? Are you trustworthy? Are you transparent? Will you answer questions?’”

Mitchell attempted to turn the discussion back on Republicans: “You could also argue that a lot of Republicans in the White House and in Congress supported those policies, waged the war in Iraq.”

Minutes later, Mitchell concluded the exchange by suggesting the Republican National Committee was being sexist against Fiorina: “Are you being discriminated against by the Republican National Committee trying to keep you and others who haven’t run before, perhaps, and don’t have the name identification and the poll results yet – are you being discriminated against by being kept out of the initial debate?”

Fiorina brushed the question aside: “Why do you assume I’m going to be kept out? The debates are not for another 11 weeks. I’m actually glad to have a goal. I’m glad to have clarity about what it takes to get to that stage and I will work very hard to meet the goal.”

In reality, Fox News set the terms of how candidates would qualify for its August 6 debate. More

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