Watch Christian Militia Serve Up Dose Of Righteous Justice To ISIS Fighters!

[Watch] Christian Militia Serves Up Dose Of Righteous Justice To ISIS Fighters-media-1

[Watch] Christian Militia Serves Up Dose Of Righteous Justice To ISIS Fighters

A newly risen Christian army has awakened, and whether the victims are Christian, Jew, or even Muslim, they are taking up arms to protect those being led away to slaughter.

As the Islamic State rages in the Middle East, rape, slavery, and butchery plague every inch of Sharia-goverened land, and nothing except physical war will stop these Muhammadans from raising the Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire that threatened to wipe out the world.

In an effort to expose ISIS propaganda for the glamorized savagery that seeks to recruit the naive or devout, the Iraqi Christian militia has released a raw video of their own, and it’s something to give even the most desensitized viewer chills.

As the increasingly outnumbered patriots deliver gunfire and rockets, motivational chants echo in the background, as translated by

“We will settle the score with Daesh’s (ISIS’) terror
We will burn them, all of them
In order that we keep our identity
We will make them accountable for the blood they shed
We will break their backs

Perhaps the most inspirational moment is when the camera pans to an uniformed fighter tearing down the black flag of ISIS, to which a Christian priest declares:

“Whether you are Muslim, Yezidi, or Christian, it doesn’t matter. We will work with anyone for the good of Iraq.”

Near the end of the documentary, a Christian militant announces:

“We, the Christians, are included in the volunteer fighters. You say that volunteer fighters are militias, but here today we the Christians stand alongside the other Muslims [who hate ISIS]to fight this terrorist organization.” More

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