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Watch Dramatic Video ➠ Police Respond To Islamist Terror Attack In Garland, Texas

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Dramatic Video: Police Respond to Islamist Terror Attack in Garland, Texas

USA Today posted raw video from WFAA-TV of courageous Garland, Texas police responding to the Islamist terror attack Sunday evening outside a ‘Draw Muhammad’ event hosted by Pam Geller.

The attack was repulsed by officers. One security guard was wounded. The two attackers were shot dead by police.

The tense 2:02 video shows officers with weapons drawn aiding civilians outside the Curtis Culwell Center where the event was being held to get away from the shooting zone. Later officers are seen advancing toward to investigate something suspicious.

The last few seconds of the video shows an officer running to stop a car, weapon drawn and aimed at the driver. The vehicle stops.

The final clip shows an officer detaining and searching a bearded man against a police car.

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