Watch Hillary Clinton Supporters Learn Inconvenient Fact & It’s Not Pretty!

Watch Hillary Clinton Supporters Learn Inconvenient Fact & It’s Not Pretty!

Hillary Clinton Supporters Learn Inconvenient Fact, It’s Not Pretty [Video]

While many of us already know that electing Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 could likely be the final nail in the coffin for America, there’s still some people out there who believe she’s the best choice, and their reactions after learning an inconvenient fact about their beloved candidate aren’t exactly pretty.

For some time now, we’ve heard Clinton repeating the “equal pay” narrative when it comes to wages for men and women, but what many of her supporters never realized is that while she was in the Senate, she paid women $.72 on the dollar to their male counterparts. According to TheBlaze, Clinton’s supporters were left nearly speechless after learning the inconvenient truth about her, and some of them might even have a change of heart.

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Caleb Bonham, editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, gladly informed Clinton’s supporters of the analysis of the then-Senator’s wage policies, making for an interesting video. It shows us that there may in fact be hope for our country if we can get the truth out and also highlights just how misinformed some voters are. The video was dubbed the “Hillary Clinton Beauty Pageant,” and one woman was actually given the crown of “honest and principled young voter” after seemingly having a change of heart on who she’d be voting for.


Initially, the people interviewed by Bonham all championed Clinton’s efforts for equal wages, but as you’ll see, their tone quickly changed after hearing the truth.

“I don’t even know what to say right now,” one woman replied. “I’m kind of shocked. That makes no sense, that makes no sense — like why…I’m stuck.” More

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