Watch Jihadists Turn Into Big Crybabies When ISIS Turns On & Viciously Beats The Heck Out Of Their Own!


[WATCH] Jihadists Turn Into Crybabies When ISIS Turns On & Beats Their Own

For every video released of ISIS doing something heinous in the name of Allah, it seems that there’s one released of some dumb militant portraying the terrorist organization as the idiots they are. Lucky for us, the most recent clip goes toward the latter, as a row of jihadists were turned into blubbering crybabies after fellow militants turned on and beat them.

Bound at the wrists, six ISIS members can be seen taking a serious beating by men they previously fought beside. As Mirror reports, their crime was simply enjoying a sneaky cigarette.


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That’s right, for smoking a few cigarettes, these men earned themselves a brutal beat down by their own comrades. To Muslims, smoking is viewed as a slow suicide, which is a big no-no in the Quran. For that, they were disciplined.

Members of ISIS could be seen stomping on the guilty parties and even jabbing them with the barrel and butt of a rifle. Along with this, two men got belts and began beating the smokers to the point of crying out in pain – poor babies.

According to Abu Mohammad Hussam, founder of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), smoking is a serious crime that can result in a punishment ranging anywhere from a beating to death. “The first time he will be arrested and flogged (40 lashes),” Hussam noted.

“If he smokes again, he will be whipped and imprisoned,” he went on to say. “On the third occasion, he will be taken to a camp in the countryside and fined a large sum of money.”

If anything, it’s a case as simple as smoking that proves the religion of Islam is not a peaceful or tolerant one. It’s clearly their way or death, and they accept no other options. More

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