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Watch Krauthammer React Strongly To Charges Against Six Baltimore Cops

Krauthammer Reacts Strongly To Charges Against Six Baltimore Cops

Charles Krauthammer Reacts Strongly To Charges Against Six Baltimore Cops

As Western Journalism reported last week, prosecutors have filed charges against six Baltimore police officers in connection with the death of suspect Freddie Gray while in their custody. The charges range from misconduct to second-degree murder, though detractors were quick to suggest the action was more of a stunt to quell civil unrest than a pursuit of justice.

One of the more outspoken thus far has been writer and political commentator Charles Krauthammer. In a segment with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, Krauthammer voiced his disapproval of what he described as a rush to judgment.

“I must say I’m not sure I quite understand how a medical examiner could determine whether something was a homicide or accident if it happened inside of a van where presumably nobody was at the time that the injury was suffered,” he said in reference to a report that provided the basis for the charges filed. More

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