Watch MATT DRUDGE Drop The Bomb On Clintons: “Why Aren’t We Seeing Hillary’s Lovers?”


VIDEO=> MATT DRUDGE Drops Bomb on Clintons: “Why Aren’t We Seeing Hillary’s Lovers?”

Matt Drudge, the creator and editor of the Drudge Report, joined Alex Jones today on his radio program. Drudge talked about how he was there at the beginning of the Internet and how he has built his empire organically. Drudge told Alex he doesn’t rely on the establishment media.

Matt Drudge talked about how authenticity is the secret to reaching fellow humans.

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“I’m very concerned with what’s happening. So I just give it my all. I’ve learned how to take care of myself and detach from outcomes. Because otherwise you can’t survive… I have remained completely independent from all of them… I need no traffic from Google. I don’t care if I get one traffic referral from Google, or Bing, or Yahoo or any of these others…


…Now if you think of that setup, how rare that is, because everybody is so hungry for referrals, for likes. I don’t need to be liked… I hope that you come. It doesn’t mean necessarily you have to like what I have up there.”

Matt Drudge then dropped this bomb on the Clintons:

“They say he’s a right-wing gossip monger mainly because of Lewinsky and those years. Which by the way, are back. Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers? Excuse me, why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers? Where’s the cover-up on this?

Drudge is not the one to drop baseless rumors.

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