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Watch Megyn Kelly Blast President Obama!

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FNC’s Megyn Kelly Blasts President Obama over Memorial Day Speech

At the top of Tuesday’s Kelly File on the Fox News Channel, host Megyn Kelly tore into President Obama and his remarks at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day where “America’s commander in chief celebrate[d]the absence of a major war, while his own top security advisers warn the American people directly that the danger right now is greater than at any time in a half century.”

Prior to senior political analyst Brit Hume joining the program, Kelly made her displeasure known with a three-minute-plus introduction in which she detailed the numerous foreign policy crises that currently brewing at the very time that the President made his speech touting how “this Memorial Day is especially meaningful.” 

Kelly first set the scene by pointing out what some of those in the intelligence community have been observing over the course of just over the past year:

It was a little more than a year ago that our Director of National Intelligence suggested the crisis and threats around the globe are as bad as anything in 50 years. Just a couple months ago, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff said the community was the most uncertain he’s seen in 40 years and just weeks ago, the former CIA Director argued we are in a terror war that will still be raging when our grandkids are adults[.]

Despite those warnings, however, Kelly noted that “the President seemed to take a different view” when he stepped to the podium at Arlington. Following a clip of the President’s speech, Kelly declared that “[a]lmost immediately, critics started responding” and specifically cited Victor Davis Hanson’s piece at National Review. More

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