Watch: Megyn Kelly Gets Caught DEFENDING Obama… Audience Member Slaps Her Down!

Megyn Kelly Caught DEFENDING Obama… Audience Member Slaps Her Down!

Earlier this week, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump got lambasted by the liberal mainstream media for not having corrected a man at his campaign event in Rochester, New Hampshire, who alleged that President Barack Obama is a Muslim.


While discussing this situation with a focus panel Friday night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly snapped at a panel member who insinuated that Obama could conceivably be a secret Muslim, given his odd behavior these past seven years.

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“He’s NOT a Muslim,” Kelly snarled at the audience member.

“Well, we don’t know … ” the panelist continued, to which Kelly said, “We do know.”

This is when another panelist jumped in to point out that even a notable 25 percent of all Democrats question Obama’s alleged Christianity.

The sharp panelist also noted that it was not Trump’s responsibility to correct a belief held by so many Americans.

“The question may be ugly, but I don’t think it’s necessarily the responsibility of any particular candidate to own what Americans say,” he explained. More

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