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Watch: Megyn Kelly Goes Off On CNN Host Who Made A Big Mistake & Teaches Him An Important Lesson

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Watch: Megyn Kelly Goes Off On CNN Host Who Made A Big Mistake And Teaches Him An Important Lesson

In advance of a planned anti-Islam demonstration in Phoenix, national news outlets have been debating whether such an event is appropriate. CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke out against protests that involve drawing the prophet Muhammad, an aspect of both Friday’s rally and a recent Texas event that ended when two men opened fire and were ultimately killed by police.

He equated drawing Muhammad with calling blacks “the N-word,” a comparison Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly decided to refute in a segment of Thursday’s The Kelly File.

Reacting to Cuomo’s assertion that such drawings are “offensive to a group of people,” Kelly shot back:

The question is, offensive to whom, Chris? There is a group that finds this offensive; and there are tens if not hundreds of millions who have no issue with it whatsoever.

She went on to assert that “religious groups don’t get to tell us what’s offensive speech and what isn’t.”

Kelly’s guest, National Review Editor Rich Lowry, responded to Cuomo’s remarks in the context of a planned bus advertisement recently nixed by the Washington, D.C., transit officials. More


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