Watch MSM Accuse Trump Of Muzzling Dr. Fauci from Speaking To Reporters

President Donald Trump held a press conference today at the White House with Vice President Mike Pence and top medical officials after the US suffered its first death by the coronavirus.

During the questioning, a reporter asked the president about muzzling Dr. Fauci. This was reported widely by the liberal MSM.

After denying the claims President Trump then allowed Dr. Fauci to talk for himself.

Reporter: There were reports that he was being muzzled. Can you tell us this widely respected expert Dr. Fauci will have every opportunity to tell us the truth?

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President Trump: Well, that’s a very dishonest question because he has had that ability to do whatever he’s wanted to do. In fact he was never muzzled. You can speak. Why don’t you speak? That is a very dishonest question.

Reporter: It’s not dishonest.

Dr. Fauci: So let me clarify it. I have never been muzzled.

MSM Claims Trump Called Coronavirus A ‘Hoax,’ Here’s What He Actually Said
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MSM Claims Trump Called Coronavirus A ‘Hoax,’ Here’s What He Actually Said

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