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Watch Obama Insult Everyone Who Has Worked Hard & Sacrificed To Succeed

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[VID] Obama Insulted Everyone Who Has Worked Hard & Sacrificed To Succeed

Many say that President Obama isn’t good at anything, but he has one skill he has thoroughly mastered — pissing off the American people. With his recent comments, he has once again successfully insulted many Americans, specifically those who have worked hard and sacrificed to succeed.

In a moment of utter ignorance, Obama played his class-warfare card and referred to successful people as “society’s lottery winners,” insinuating once again that if you achieve the American dream, it wasn’t by your own grit and determination. Remember, “You didn’t build that.”

His comments were spewed in a discussion about a tax increase he wants, accompanied with the usual “suggestion that people with lots of money can surely afford it and there can’t possibly be anything better they could do with their money than to hand it over to him,” as Herman Cain relayed.

By claiming that success is a matter of luck, the liberal argument of “fairness” can be rolled in with “redistributive justice” as the solution. If you never deserved it in the first place, the government can take it from you and give it to the unlucky folks that didn’t hit the jackpot like you did. Basically, these catch phrases are intended to make everyone more comfortable with stealing from one to give to another.

They want us to believe it’s not a case of taking from those who work hard to give a hand out to those that don’t. While liberals truly believe this, and those “unlucky” enough to be unsuccessful think it’s a splendid idea, others, like myself, who started at the bottom and struggled and sacrificed to work our way up, are not too pleased with being told we didn’t earn what we have and don’t deserve it. More

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