Watch Sexist Bullies Female Reporter ➠ But Justice Comes Full Swing!

[Watch] Sexist Bullies Female Reporter, But Justice Comes Full Swing

Currently, there’s a prank going around — called “FHRITP” — that involves approaching a reporter and shouting a vulgarity into their microphone  However, a simple moment of embarrassment for such a reporter wasn’t the only outcome for one recent instance as this heckler paid the ultimate price.

For those who don’t know what “FHRITP” means and would like to know, feel free to see it here – but be warned that it is highly obscene and NSFW.

The incident took place as CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt was reporting live from Sunday’s Toronto FC match against the Houston Dynamo when she was approached by a few hecklers who had worked up the nerve to pull the ol’ FHRITP. Unfortunately for them, the broadcast wasn’t live, so they could just edit it out, but that wasn’t the worst part – for them at least.

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Hunt quickly went after the men, verbally accosting them for their “disgusting” behavior. Most of the men defended their actions to some extent, but none more so than Shawn Simoes. Rather than back down, Simoes became bolder with ever one of Hunt’s words.

“You know what? I’m sick of this,” Hunt eventually went on to say. “I get this every single day. Ten times a day by rude guys like you… When you talk into my microphone and say that into my camera to viewers at the station I work at, it’s disrespectful and degrading to me.”

“I don’t care!” Simoes shot back.

“Do you know that it’s old? It’s really not funny,” Hunt retorted before Simoes unknowingly sunk the final nail in his own coffin.


“It’s been, like, a year!” Simoes concluded. “You’re lucky there’s not a [expletive]vibrator in your ear like in England because it happens all the time. It’s [expletive]amazing and I respect it!”

And here’s where things get good.

You see, Simoes works for a company called Hydro One who just so happened to see his arrogant and demeaning attitude after the video went viral and decided to do something about it. Although Simoes was making an approximate $106,000 a year, he’s now making none as he was swiftly and promptly fired for his actions. More

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