WATCH The Chilling Videos Of The Man Who Killed News Crew Posted Just Days Before The Atrocity

The Chilling Videos The Man Who Killed News Crew Posted Just Days Before The Atrocity

As the victims’ loved ones attempt to process a brutal on-air shooting that left two WDBJ employees dead and another individual seriously injured, law enforcement and media sources are looking into the background of now-deceased suspect Vester Lee Flanagan.

Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams, once worked for WDBJ and, following the shooting, he reportedly posted video of the incident to multiple social media sites, along with an attempt to justify the shooting. Among his Facebook posts were two messages apparently referencing victims Adam Ward and Alison Parker.

Adam went to [human resources]on me after working with me one time!!!

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Alison made racist comments.

Along with a lengthy manifesto he apparently sent to ABC News shortly after the shootings, a series of video clips posted to a social media platform registered to a Bryce Williams has sparked conversation due to the subject matter referenced.



Specifically, two videos contained a compilation of several on-air reports during which Williams discussed issues relevant to the shooting – including gun control and racial discord.

“It’s important that we get past this race issue,” he said in one clip, “and start seeing each other simply as Americans.”

Reports indicate race was not so easy for Flanagan to ignore in his private life. In his 23-page suicide note, Williams reportedly wrote that his inspiration for Wednesday’s deadly act was the recent shooting at a black church in Charleston, S.C.

That incident served as a “tipping point,” he declared, adding that he had “every right to be” angry.

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