Watch Tiny Texas Town Stand Up To Atheist Bullies & Fights Back!


A tiny Texas town situated in the north-eastern part of the state has just over 1300 residents, but those folks in Hawkins have enough heart and fight in them to fill up the city of Dallas. Recently, they’ve come under attack by Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), who somehow managed to become aware that the vastly Christian community had a welcome sign that they found “offensive.”

In a ridiculous letter which the FFRF sent to the Hawkins City Council last month, they claim that a sign that reads, “Jesus Welcomes You To Hawkins,” violates the “constitutional separation of state and church.” They further claim that it was a “local resident” who notified the FFRF of the “offensive” sign.


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In a lame attempt to prove their “strength,” the atheist group also quoted their membership numbers. They claim a mere 22,500 members nation-wide and an embarrassing membership of only 1000 people in the state of Texas. Considering that the Lone Star State has almost 27,000,000 people living within its borders, I would think that the anti-Christian FFRF would more wisely choose to pick a fight in a state where they might have a better chance of winning.

In true liberal fashion, it seems that the atheist group has no problem with putting their own anti-Christian messages up on billboards across the nation for everyone driving on those roadways to be subjected to, but they want to force a small town to remove their sign that no one would see unless Hawkins was their destination.


TX Town Stands Up to Atheist Bullies, Fights to Keep Welcome Sign [Video]


It’s going on two months since the atheists sent the first letter to the town’s city government, and the sign is still there. The residents of Hawkins are banding together in support of keeping the sign and have been very vocal about wanting it to stay. They even got together and put on an old-fashioned Christian revival. Christian groups from all over East Texas came to show their solidarity with the town.


Good for them! According to The Christian Post, the city council met with Mayor Bill Rogers last Monday evening to discuss whether or not the sign is actually on city or private property. A large number of residents also attended the meeting which was described as having an “overflow crowd.” It was decided that there needed to be further investigation into whether or not the welcome sign is on public property.

A couple of days after that meeting, the FFRF wrote a second demand letter to the town’s leaders in which they made the claim that even if it is determined that the sign is on private property, it is still unconstitutional because they say that regardless of who owns the property or the fact it was paid for with private donations, the city still “owns” the sign, approves of it, and it was built by public school children, so it can’t remain. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Mayor Rogers doesn’t know if the town will be able to afford a lawsuit, but he asserts that they would win if it came down to it. The Christian Post also reported some excellent points made by the mayor about the illogical reaction of the FFRF in attacking the name of Jesus on the sign. More

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