Watch Trump Honor The Families Of Those Killed By Illegal Immigrants

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While this was going on, a few hundred Mexican disrupters were outside waving Mexican flags on U.S. soil. Our stupid politicians have brainwashed them into believing that they are entitled to live in the USA. This is why we need the wall!



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“They’re unbelievable, they’ve suffered,” Trump said before bringing them up on the stage. “These are great people.”


“We demand Americans first,” Shaw said. “We don’t care about illegal aliens.” The person who murdered his son was an “illegal alien on his third gun charge.”


“They all have a very similar story to tell,” Trump said. “People that shouldn’t have been here, people that should have never been allowed to come over the border and they come here like its nothing, they walk through it like its nothing,” he said as the crowd chanted “build a wall.” More

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