Watters To SF Officials: ‘How Many Dead People Does It Take?’


Fox News interviewer and producer Jesse Watters attempted to get some comments about the tragic killing of Kate Steinle from San Francisco officials earlier this week but found that they weren’t so enthusiastic about commenting on their culpability in her death.

During his trip to San Francisco, Watters first conducted a few man-on-the-street interviews with San Franciscans, most of whom expressed dismay that San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policies, which effectively thwart federal immigration policies, had allowed a five-times deported, multi-felony illegal immigrant to take an innocent woman’s life.

Watters then attempted to get a response from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, but was redirected to Communications Director Christine Falvey. When Watters told Falvey that he was trying “to get a few answers about the sanctuary city police,” Falvey assured him that the mayor thought it was a “very serious issue,” but, like the other San Francisco officials Watters encountered, remained “very vague” about the city’s specific responses to the tragedy.

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