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“We All Want Money” – Thousands of Illegals Arrive In Europe (VIDEO)


THOUSANDS of refugees illegal migrants arrived in Europe earlier this week after three ships landed in Mytilene. The migrants said, “all want money.” And, no doubt, they will be rewarded cash at their final destination.

Xaameriki reported:

Not one, not two, but three passenger ships from Lesvos transferring a total 4,911 illegal immigrants from Mytilene today, sailed for the port of Piraeus.


In particular, the “Terra Jet” disembarked 1,702 illegal immigrants at the Piraeus port, the “Blue Star Patmos” 1,980 and the “Blue Star 1” 1,229 (772 from Mytilene and 457 from Chios). By the day’s end, the “Eleftherios Venizelos” is expected to dock at the port of Piraeus with 2,466 people. So, altogether four ships carrying 7,377 illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom are from Mytilene.


The reason for this emergency evacuation of the island today is because… Tsipras is taking a romantic stroll, with the Austrian Chancellor Faymann and many ministers and European officials. This is the same tactic that Samaras used in Omonia ( an Immigrant Saturated Athens Area). It is worth remembering that before the ceremonial stroll of Samaras in Omonia, the police intervened, and operated as an assistant director, they cleaned up the area so that the failed former Prime Minster could go.

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