Bombshell Revelation! Cabal Of Wealthy Donors Financing $50 Million Trump-Russia Investigation

George Soros should have been locked up decades ago. Now that our FBI has this additional information, what the heck are they waiting for?

Talk about interference in our election process. How much money does it take to overthrow a duly elected president? They didn’t finance an investigation, they financed a coup attempt. This is treason!

Will they be held to the same legal and ethical standards as everyone else in America, or do they walk due to their political contributions?

Daily Caller:

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A group of wealthy donors from New York and California have forked out $50 million to fund a Russia investigation being conducted by Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS and a former Senate staffer for Dianne Feinstein.

That bombshell revelation is made in a footnote to the House Intelligence Committee’s newly released report on Russian interference in the presidential campaign.

Fusion GPS hired Steele, a former MI6 agent, to investigate Trump’s activities in Russia. He would go on to produce a 35-page report alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

The Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee funded the project. A law firm representing the organizations hired Fusion GPS in April 2016. More

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