Welcome To Chicagoland… 600+ Shootings Three Months Into 2016

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You know, there ought to be a law or something…

32 with five fatalities this last weekend alone.

Strict gun laws in the Democrat-controlled city of Chicago are doing very little to curtail the gang-related murders that continue to plague the Windy City. This weekend’s gun violence brings the tally of shootings in the first three months of 2016 to 603, which has so far resulted in 103 deaths, many of them young people.

As Breitbart noted from the Chicago Sun-Times, during this weekend alone a total of 32 people were shot and five were killed. Among those murdered were a 16-year-old shot in the head multiple times, a pregnant woman, and three others in their early twenties.

Also noted is the arrest of a father, and gang member, for allegedly shooting three people in retaliation for the shooting death of his 9-year-old son by a rival gang last year.

TruthRevolt reported last week that 21 people were shot in just 20 hours in Chicago. If the violence continues at this pace, and it is expected to, the city’s murder rate this year will far surpass that of 2015.

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All of this while the country is being distracted by the reports of non-fatal violence and threats surrounding Donald Trump rallies which forced him to cancel an appearance in Chicago on Friday, before the city’s murderous weekend began.  More

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