Wendy’s Employees Fired for Leaving Racist Note in 7-Year-Old’s Meal

Wendy’s Employees Fired for Leaving Racist Note in 7-Year-Old's Meal

When will people stop writing racist message on restaurant meals? According to ABC, two Wendy’s employees have been fired after writing a derogatory note on a child’s kids’ meal toy. Manige Osowski took her seven-year-old daughter to an outpost of the chain in Arvada, Colo. last week where she ordered her child a kids’ meal. Instead of receiving a toy, her daughter received a deck of cards. Written in black ink on the ace of hearts card was a number of racial slurs including the “N” word. Osowski notes, “I had to explain to my child what the ‘N’ word means and she’s never heard that term before.”

She says she returned to the restaurant immediately after seeing the card and spoke with the manager who quickly yelled at the staff, “You need to stop playing games.” The manager then ripped up the card. However, things took a turn for the worse. Osowski says she refused to leave the store without the derogatory card and the manager “called the police and had her removed from the store.” She told ABC that the incident was “heartbreaking.”

It is still a mystery as to why the former employees even wrote the note on the card. A Wendy’s spokesperson tells KDVR: “Our core values as a brand center around treating people with respect, and we have taken this situation very seriously. As soon as we learned what had occurred, we investigated and took swift action.” The spokesperson adds that the company reached out and “formally apologized” to Osowski. More HT: Allen West Republic


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