Westboro Baptists Got BAD News That May Stop Them ➠ Threatened By Anonymous If They Picket Memorials In Charleston


Westboro Baptists Just Got BAD News That May Stop Them In Their Tracks

There’s no doubt about it, the kooks at Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) are annoying as all get out, extremely insensitive, and a poor excuse for Christians. However, the group of hate mongers just got some seriously bad news that may actually shut them up – at least for a little while.

According to recent reports, the hacktivist group known as Anonymous has threatened the Westboro Baptist church and given them a simple message — stay away. As the so-called religious group has already announced their plans to picket the memorials of those who died during the mass murder in Charleston, South Carolina, Anonymous is strongly urging them to think twice.

It all started after the senseless killings, when the group, who the Southern Poverty Law Center has dubbed “the most obnoxious and rabid hate group in America,” tweeted a message with the hashtag “#GodSentTheShooter.” Since that time, Anonymous has declared that they will utterly destroy the Westboro Baptist Church should they carry out their plans to protest the memorial.

Although they haven’t divulged any plans in detail, they did say that the group is set to carry out a two-pronged attack in response. Promising to attack both the church’s website, as well as disrupt the members plans personally, Anonymous went on to mention:

“The WBC maintains a rather large cyber infrastructure, and we will destroy this entirely by various means. On the ground, Anonymous will deploy operatives who will initiate our standard operating procedure for dealing with funeral pickets by the Westboro Baptist Church.”

Furthermore, Anonymous has requested the help of anyone and everyone to lend a hand in their efforts and has even given detailed instructions on how to help. In essence, foot soldiers they call “anons” are supposed to track WBC members and create a silent barrier around them. More

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