WH Defends Publicly Mocking Netanyahu On Twitter


WH Defends Publicly Mocking Netanyahu On Twitter


WH Defends Publicly Mocking Netanyahu On Twitter…

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They mock the leader of Israel while endlessly defending the leader of Iran. Makes total sense, right?

Via The Hill:

The White House is standing by a tweet mocking Israeli Prime Minister Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu despite concerns it could further sour relations between the two countries.


A White House tweet defending the framework nuclear agreement with Iran contained a cartoon bomb that was nearly identical to one in a chart used by Netanyahu in a 2012 speech urging the U.S. to take a harder line against Iran’s nuclear program.


“Prime Minister Netanyahu has issued very strong criticisms of this deal,” deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said on Friday. “That’s entirely his right, but we are also going to issue strong defenses of this deal.
“It would make no sense for us to essentially not make our case,” Rhodes said.


The bomb diagram published by the White House shows that the framework deal would cut and cap Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium and centrifuges. Netanyahu’s chart showed Iran on a path to accumulate enough fissile material to build a nuclear weapon.

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