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WH & Media’s New Narrative ➠ Bibi Dangerous For Israel

WH & Media's New Narrative ➠ Bibi Dangerous For Israel

WH And Media’s New Narrative: Bibi Dangerous For Israel

Now that the White House and the leftist media have been denied the exultation they would have felt if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had lost, the new narrative has been written and is already threading its way through their efforts: Netanyahu’s election endangers the state of Israel.

Never mind that the man who has successfully stood up to President Obama’s administration’s desire to emasculate the Jewish state has done more to protect the Jewish state from Obama’s insidious efforts than would have been deemed possible. The Obama Administration’s efforts have included a) emboldening Islamists around the Middle East, b) abandoning support for moderate Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, c) revealing numerous plans that Israel had for cooperating with other nations to attack Iran, d) taking Iran and Hezbollah off the terror list, e) refusing to impose sanctions on Iran to stop their nuclear aspirations, and f) negotiating with Hamas as a legitimate entity.

No, the White House and the media avow Bibi Netanyahu is bad for Israel, to wit:

CNN quoted “a senior administration official” who said Netanyahu’s statements including his opposition to the creation of a Palestinian state “raise very significant substantive concerns” for the White House, and that “we have to reassess our options going forward.” That threat was echoed by another “senior U.S. official,” who said that Netanyahu’s rhetoric “could change things” for the U.S.-Israel relationship. He continued with the threat, saying Obama and his administration are waiting to see if Netanyahu will retract what he said, warning, “We are in a very, very different situation than we have been in years if that is not the case.” More

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