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WH Promotes ‘Inclusive Entrepreneurship’ ➠ If You’re The Right Color

WH Promotes 'Inclusive Entrepreneurship' ➠ If You're The Right Color

WH Promotes ‘Inclusive Entrepreneurship’ – If You’re The Right Color

The White House is hosting its first ever Demo Day to give entrepreneurs all across the country a chance to share their “big ideas” and success stories. But an official statement made it clear that a certain set of criteria would be best to measure up to its vision of “inclusive entrepreneurship” — namely, gender and ethnicity.

The release, penned by Megan Smith and Doug Rand from the Office of Science and Technology Policy, states in part:

At a typical “Demo Day,” entrepreneurs make pitches to prospective funders. Ours is a little different. We’re inviting a diverse group of entrepreneurs from all across the country — including those underrepresented in entrepreneurship like women and people of color — to come here and talk about their big ideas and share the stories of their individual innovation journeys to date. These are the folks whose stories show exactly why we need to grow the pie to make sure there’s opportunity for everyone in our innovation economy.

In a similar statement posted to its website, the White House is categorically distancing itself from the way the private sector general does demo days by focusing on people’s participation in “growing the pie” for everyone rather than looking at their physical products or business ideas.

The application for the event gives this request: “Tell us about what you’re ready to do to help empower everyone with the next great idea and the determination to make it a reality.” More


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