Whacko Teacher Disrespects Nation ➠ Pissed Off Community Gets Revenge

Whacko Teacher Disrespects Nation, Pissed Off Community Gets Revenge

An Illinois student called out his teacher after they disrespected the country, and the teacher had a vile response, sparking heated debate in the classroom. But when the community found out, the teacher soon regretted ever making the horrible choice.

It all started when the un-named teacher at Martinsville Jr./Sr. High School was using an American flag as a pointer during class, WTHI-TV reported. Gina Gibson has a son, Seth, who was in the classroom last Friday, and she said that when a student called the teacher out for his disrespectful actions, he became angry and did something even worse.

Whacko Teacher Disrespects Nation, Community’s Response Is Stunning

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“It’s just disgraceful,” said Gina’s father, Clifford Clouser.

The teacher apparently threw the flag on the floor and stomped on it, which outraged the students in the class, according to the Journal-Gazette and Times Courier. The teacher subsequently quarreled back and forth with the angered students for the rest of the class as well as the next class who had heard about what he did.

Gibson’s son and another student actually protested the teacher’s vile acts by placing their heads on the desk and refusing to look at him, but that was just the start of his troubles. When Clouser and other members of the community found out, they went to the school and stood on the sidewalk with American flags to protest.

Whacko Teacher Disrespects Nation, Community’s Response Is Stunning

“There’s just so much history in that flag,” said Clouser, “Some good, some bad, but it’s still our flag.”

Their demonstrations worked as well, soon after people gathered to show their anger, the school confirmed the teacher was placed on leave for the rest of the year while the district investigates. The district said that it recognizes the outrage within the community, but they will not take any action until the investigation is completed, a statement read. More

Whacko Teacher Disrespects Nation, Community’s Response Is Stunning


Whacko Teacher Disrespects Nation, Community’s Response Is Stunning


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