What Allen West Just Witnessed On A Military Base Should STRIKE FEAR In Every American’s Heart!



In April, Allen West visited a military installation in Texas. The Islamic State group had recently released a list of American servicemen and women that they wanted dead, and the shootings at Ft. Hood and the Washington Naval Yard were fresh in people’s minds.

However, the security on the military base did not reflect the threat.

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West described the lackluster security conditions, “And so it was when I drove onto the Army Reserve Center at Grand Prairie for a visit yesterday, I was met by a lone unarmed female contract security person who did not even take my ID and match it to my face. She came out of the shack and waved me right onto this military installation.” (H/T Allen B West)

No armed guards, no checkpoints. Nothing to defend our military personnel. Absolutely abhorrent.

Now, three months later we are reading about a terrorist attack at two military sites. We are seeing the photos of the front of a building riddled with bullet holes, right next to their “Gun-free zone” sign. We are mourning the dead and wounded.

It’s time for a very serious discussion about how we protect our military in this country. How many more must die before we finally realize that putting a sticker on a door won’t stop the terrorists and lunatics?

We’ve lost dozens of military personnel from attacks on military bases. We’ve lost more soldiers in the attacks at home than we have during some firefights in the Middle East.

The difference is that in the Middle East our soldiers can shoot back at the people trying to kill them. Why can’t they have that same protection stateside? More

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