“What Are They Hiding?” Mosby Tries Again To Get Protective Order Against Release Of #FreddieGray Autopsy & Evidence

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What Are They Hiding?” Marilyn Mosby Tries – Again – To Get Protective Order Against Release Of #FreddieGray Autopsy, Evidence

The first time she filed it, she filed in the wrong court, so it got dismissed. But not releasing the autopsy is crazy; there is no reason not to release it, or information on the knife. Unless there is information that is contrary to her case. She, of course, has ‘publicized’ the case to pitch her point of view at every opportunity.


Via Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has asked for a protective order that would bar attorneys for six police officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray from publicly sharing Gray’s autopsy and other evidence in the case.


In a motion filed in Baltimore Circuit Court on Tuesday, Mosby’s office argued such an order is necessary because defense attorneys “have demonstrated a likelihood of publicizing discovery materials in a manner that may jeopardize the ability to conduct a fair and impartial trial.”


Mosby’s office asked for an expedited hearing to present its arguments for the order, as discovery is due in the case on June 26.


“The Court must not allow the discovery in this case to further fuel a defense public-relations firestorm,” the prosecutors wrote. “The evidence must be made public, but its release to the public must be made in a court of law, not in defense efforts to court public favor.”


Evidence is not regularly filed in court records that are accessible to the public and members of the press, but without a protective order there is nothing that prevents attorneys from releasing information, the state said.  More

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