What CRUEL Kids Did To A Special Needs Student Will Leave You FURIOUS


Kids have a tendency to be very cruel, which is why bullying continues to be a widespread problem in schools across the country. A recent incident that occurred in Philadelphia is yet another reminder of that same cruel behavior, but surprisingly, it didn’t happen at a school.

Apparently, these kids decided to have a little “after-school fun.” Needless to say, that didn’t go well. As a matter of fact, the outcome was catastrophic.

A special needs student was injured after a group of kids threw cement at her bus. According to Opposing Views, the disheartening incident occurred on May 11, when 20-year-old Courtney Clancey was headed home from school. Apparently, a group of approximately six children thought it would be entertaining to throw cement particles and rocks at the bus, but it’s probably safe to say they definitely didn’t consider the consequences.

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As a result of the shameful act, the bus’ windows were shattered, and Clancey suffered multiple facial injuries. She also suffered eye damage from the shattered glass, reports Philly Voice. Clancey’s mother, Gina, recently recounted the conversation she had with her daughter when she learned about the horrific incident. She also shared brief details about her daughter’s injuries.

“I heard her crying in the background on the phone,” Gina recalled. “‘Mom, I’m hurt! Mom, I’m hurt! Please come help me!’”


“Her face is all bleeding,” Gina told NBC10. “She has blood on her wrists, plus on her arms.”


Now, she wants these kids punished for the pain they inflicted on her daughter. Although there are currently no leads, she’s hoping the Philadelphia Police Department can track down the alleged six that were involved.

“I want this boy to be found,” she said. “That’s all I want. Just everything to be over and [him to]be in prison and looking back that what he did was wrong.” More

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