What Kurds Found In Mass Islamic Grave Proves How Sick Muslims Can Be

Forces unearth a gruesome display — 78 bodies of elderly women and 60 men, women, and children in Iraq.

A group of Kurds were appalled to uncover yet another mass grave dug by devout Muslims, but when they began exhuming its contents, they stumbled across a truly stomach-churning find.

The Daily Mail reports that Kurdish forces fighting ISIS in a northern Iraqi town near the Syrian border had stumbled upon a mass grave containing the bodies of innocent civilians — but not just any civilians.

The first grave held the bodies of 78 elderly women, all piled on top of one another. This segregated grave was located near Sinjar’s technical institute, according to director of intelligence Qasim Samir.

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The women were all aged between 40 and 80-years-old, and they were butchered by ISIS militants, the Telegraph reports. It is believed that the murdered women were killed because they were considered too old or unattractive to serve as sex slaves.

Clumps of hair and bone fragments protruded from the shallow ditch where they were callously thrown.

A second grave was found about 9 miles west of the city, with contents even more disturbing than the first. The bodies of at least 60 men, women, and even children were discovered, in what was most likely a mass execution of the townspeople.

“These people [in the mass graves]were shot and buried during the Daesh invasion last year,” Samir said, using an Arabic acronym for IS.

The second grave may contain even more bodies, but teams cannot thoroughly investigate it because it lies in an area rigged with homemade bombs.

This region was an ISIS stronghold in the summer of 2014, as its capture saw thousands of Yazidis kidnapped, killed, and forced into sexual slavery.

Another official confirmed that Kurdish forces happen upon these travesties quite often.

“This is not a surprise,” the official explained, requesting anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media on the matter.

“In other areas that have been taken back, we have found similar mass graves.”

Nawaf Ashur, a resident who fled Sinjar last year, said that each new discovery of a mass grave is devastating news for families who have hope that their daughters, mothers, and sisters will be returned to them.

ISIS still holds thousands of Christian and Yezidi women and girls captive as sex slaves, but because of political correctness and liberalism in the West, the rescue of these slaves has been halted.

Young girls are so tortured by the sexual, physical, and mental abuse they endure on a daily basis, they’ve resorted to killing themselves and each other to escape this brutality. More

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