What This Boy Does To Salute Our Troops Will Leave You Speechless ➠ Video

[VIDEO] What This Boy Does To Salute Our Troops Will Leave You Speechless

With Memorial Day quickly approaching, how many have taken the time to pause and reflect over what this day means? So many people believe that it is just an extra day off of work or time to take the family to the beach for the weekend. There is one boy who understands this somber day, and his devotion will inspire you.

Little boy stands attention at Omaha beach

An 11-year-old American boy had the right idea when he saluted our brave men who fought and died on Omaha beach. Him and his father went to visit Normandy last year and pay their respects to the men who stormed those beaches 70 years ago last year in a D-Day vigil. Our brave men stormed Normandy and Omaha beach under heavy fire to begin the invasion that would defeat Nazi Germany and make Europe free again.

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This young boy visited a cemetery were the fallen hero’s lay and told tourists about paratroopers and what part they played on D-Day. When the he went to return to the cemetery on June 6 last year, he was denied entrance. The young boy then took his flag and marched to the beach. He stood at attention for over an hour, holding his flag, even when the tide began to come in he did not retreat, but stood there at attention. The wind whipped at his small face and body, but he did not flinch.

The only time he broke his concentration was to wipe a tear from his eyes as he stood vigil over the English channel. Some tried to mock the young boy, while others took photographs with him. Soldiers stopped to salute him. It was not till his body began to cramp that he signaled to his father it was time to go, and his silent tribute was finished.

So many of us have forgotten what this day stands for and the men and women who sacrificed their lives to live in a country that is free. Mothers never saw their sons again, wives were not able to say goodbye, and children grew without fathers.

Watch this remarkable young man and know there is hope for our country:

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