What Was Just Revealed About Hillary’s ‘Missing’ Benghazi Emails Gives Gowdy New Ammo


What Was Just Revealed About Hillary’s ‘Missing’ Benghazi Emails Gives Gowdy New Ammo

Remember all those times that Hillary Clinton, as well as the State Department she once ran, claimed that all of the former secretary’s relevant emails about Benghazi had been identified and provided, or would be provided, to the House Select Committee investigating the deadly attack? Remember how Clinton assured everyone that she was being transparent and forthcoming and had deleted from her private email server only those communications deemed “personal” — that all official, business-related communications had been turned over to State for review?

Well, as The Daily Caller notes of a new batch of previously undisclosed emails about Benghazi, “Either Hillary Clinton inaccurately stated that she turned over all of the official emails she sent or received as secretary of state, or the State Department failed to make them available to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.”

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The article refers to the revelation that a long-time Clinton aide, Sidney Blumenthal, has provided to the committee headed by Rep. Trey Gowdy a number of emails that apparently were not disclosed by the former secretary. In fact, says the report, dozens of pages of emails sent by Blumenthal to Clinton while she was the country’s top diplomat — emails discovered only because Blumenthal turned them over — are now in Gowdy’s hands.

“The new Blumenthal-Clinton correspondence was included in a batch of emails Blumenthal gave in response to a subpoena from the Benghazi committee. He will testify in a closed-door session in front of the panel on Tuesday.”

The Obama White House had explicitly forbidden Hillary Clinton from officially employing Blumenthal at the State Department, so his work with her at the time of the Benghazi attack was, more or less, “off the books.” Mrs. Clinton may have, therefore, considered her electronic correspondence with Blumenthal to be of a personal nature, rather than official business, giving her the convenient excuse for destroying her copies of them. More


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