White House Insults Donald Trump’s Hair… Trump Delivers Brilliant Response (Video)

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White House press secretary Josh Earnest put President Barack Obama and his administration’s pathetic immaturity on full display this Tuesday when they accused 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump of having “fake hair.”

One would think officials from the most powerful administration in the world might have more intelligent things to say, but apparently not.

Regardless, two days later, Trump fired back.

“He lied,” Trump said during a phone interview with “Fox and Friends” this Thursday. “Just like Obama lied about Obama. Just like they lied about so much.This administration’s one big lie.

He added that it was quite “disgusting for a presidential representative to make that comment,” especially given the litany of more pressing concerns surrounding us.

“We have terrorism and all of the problems,” Trump noted. “For him to make that comment, I thought it was so ridiculous.”

Mind you, Trump took no personal offense at Earnest’s juvenile jab, saying, “It’s fine” and, “It doesn’t matter,” especially since many people poke fun at his hair. But just for the record, Trump’s hair is real.

The entire interview is worth watching, but Trump’s reaction to Earnest’s comments begins around the 7:20 mark. More


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