White Lady Cop Killed By Mindless Thug ➠ But HEARTBREAKING Details Emerge

White Lady Cop Killed By Mindless Thug, But HEARTBREAKING Details Emerge

Overnight, news broke of a female police officer in Omaha, Nebraska, who was gunned down in cold-blood by a mindless thug with a history of violence, and there’s details among all of it that are not only heartbreaking but show what kind of person the lady officer was.

KUSI reports that 29-year-old Kerrie Orozco was part of a fugitive task force that was looking for 26-year-old Marcus Wheeler to serve an arrest warrant on felony charges. Wheeler was wanted in connection with another shooting, and when he was approached by Orozco and other officers, he started shooting at them.

White Lady Cop Killed By Mindless Thug, But HEARTBREAKING Details Emerge

Officers returned fire, eventually taking down the fugitive thug, but not before he was able to mortally wound Orozco, who was transported to the Creighton University Medical Center, where she succumbed to her injuries after doctors tried everything they could to save her. Fortunately, officers were able to mortally wound Wheeler as well, and he too died after they found him injured behind a nearby home.

“Mr. Wheeler is a convicted felon and a known gang member,” said Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer, who added that police found a semi-automatic pistol on Wheeler’s person.

Orozco’s death marks the first time in over a decade that an Omaha officer has been killed in the line of duty, and hers is the first female death in the history of the department. Making her death even more tragic are the details of her life and the fact that she was killed just hours before she was about to reach a milestone.

You see, Orozco had given birth to a premature baby girl three months prior to her death, and her daughter had remained in the hospital ever since. Rather than take maternity leave right after the birth, Orozco chose to remain on the force until her daughter was released from the hospital, and the timing of her death is more heartbreaking than imaginable.

White Lady Cop Killed By Mindless Thug, But HEARTBREAKING Details Emerge

Orozco was set to start maternity leave on the night she was ruthlessly murdered and would have picked her little girl up from the hospital today. The seven-year veteran of the force would have been home with her first-born child this afternoon had it not been for the actions of a worthless thug, and now a community is left to pick up the pieces after her selflessness ended up costing her life.

“She was a friend, a popular officer,” Schmaderer said as his voice cracked. “I just can’t even imagine that this has happened. The city of Omaha owes her and her family a debt of gratitude.”

In addition to her newborn infant, Officer Orozco is survived by her husband, Hector Orozco, and her two stepchildren, ages 6 and 7. She also has a surviving mother and two siblings.

White Lady Cop Killed By Mindless Thug, But HEARTBREAKING Details Emerge

Aside from being an honorable officer of the law, Orozco was also active within the community. She was a baseball coach at the Omaha Boys and Girls Club, a Special Olympics Volunteer, and served as the president of the Police Officers’ Ball to benefit the Special Olympics. She also took in stray dogs and served as a mentor for the Girl Scouts. More

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