Why Americans Hate The Lamestream Media… The Megyn Kelly Edition

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On Sunday in Atlanta Donald Trump held a rally at the Georgia World Congress Center.

10,000 supporters turned out for the massive rally after Donald Trump’s decisive win in South Carolina.

The lines started forming three hours before the event started.

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During the rally a far left protester cut the electricity to the arena. The protester reportedly reached over and pulled the wire when the technician stepped away from the control panel.

The lights went out on stage.

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This was a very dangerous situation. The criminal act could have caused mass chaos or worse. Donald Trump, a master at his game, calmed the crowd with his jokes. He continued his speech without missing a beat and even had the crowd laughing and chanting.

But it could have been much worse. This is the type of abuse Donald Trump faces at EVERY RALLY. Far left protesters scream and flip the bird and interrupt and attack the Trump supporters.

But you would never know this if you only followed the liberal mainstream media.

Yesterday at the rally, NBC reporter Katy Tur tweeted out that one crowd member (out of 10,000) turned and called her the b-word at Trump’s rally. Tur is a far left journalist who has tried to ambush Donald Trump in the past – and failed – and clearly has an agenda with her reporting.

So after the rally you’d expect the media to be concerned about the dangerous protesters interrupting Trump’s speeches, right?
You’d expect the media elites to be concerned for the safety of Trump’s political supporters, right?  You might even expect the media to remind Americans that once again liberals sabotaged a prominent conservative at a public event, right?

If you did expect this sort of sane reaction from the establishment media you would be wrong.

Instead media elites attacked the Trump supporters.

Megyn Kelly from FOX News tweeted her disgust at Trump’s audience referring to Tur’s tweet.

NBC’s Chuck Todd added his fear that Trump supporters are violent and dangerous.

For the record, Megyn Kelly delights in pretending she is unbiased and above the fray, but includes a brigade of Trump-bashers on her show night after night.

The media elites were concerned more about Tur than the 10,000 conservatives at the rally. So rather than commenting on the facts – that the electricity was shut down causing a dangerous situation – the media elites weighed in on the rumors started by far left reporter Katy Tur.


And they wonder why the American people no longer trust the establishment media?
What a joke.

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