Why Did Hillary Clinton’s Jokes About Email Scandal Make Katie Pavlich ‘Want to Hurl’?



Why Did Hillary Clinton’s Jokes About Email Scandal Make Katie Pavlich ‘Want to Hurl’?

While attending a journalism awards ceremony Monday, Hillary Clinton made light of her recent email scandal and her sometimes contentious relationship with the press.

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“I am all about new beginnings,” Clinton said. “A new grandchild, another new hairstyle, a new email account, why not a new relationship with the press? So here goes, no more secrecy, no more zone of privacy. After all, what good did that do me?”

On “Outnumbered,” Joe Theismann said that Clinton is a master at manipulating situations.

“I think what she basically did is she took the situations and circumstances that people have raised against her, and turned them around and made light of them and made fun of them,” Theismann said.

“My problem isn’t with Hillary Clinton in this instance, even though what she did was really bad, [when]she’s laughing about something that’s potentially illegal,” Katie Pavlich said. “It’s the media in that room laughing. It makes me want to hurl. I mean, it is so disgusting.”

Theismann said that if Clinton wants to run for president, at some point she’s going to have to answer to the American people. More

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