With Ads Like This ➠ It Is No Wonder Nuclear Families Are Falling Apart!

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With Ads Like This, It Is No Wonder Nuclear Families Are Falling Apart

As Father’s Day approaches, retailers faithfully sing dad’s praises in ads hawking the perfect gift for the occasion. When the advertising team at Angel Soft came up with its offering, however, the object was noticeably different.

The online ad – which lasts a whopping 2 ½ minutes – pays tribute to single mothers with nary a mention of actual dads. What might appear on its surface to be a feel-good spot acknowledging the sacrifices of parents who had to fill both parental roles, its inherent slight toward fathers is a telling symptom of a debilitating societal epidemic.

As a man looking forward to his first Father’s Day, I’ve learned only enough to realize there is much I have yet to learn about being a dad. The one thing of which I am absolutely certain, however, is that my son is the most important and precious thing in my life. I know that I have a unique responsibility to instill in him the qualities of a Godly man and will spend the rest of my life attempting to meet that lofty challenge.

Though transgender activists seek to remove any real distinction between the two, God created men and women with separate, yet complementary, sets of traits. This specifically translates to their respective roles as parents and explains why, historically, fathers have been providers while mothers filled a more nurturing role.

Comments in response to an Adweek article on the commercial almost unanimously panned the spot.

“An insult to all fathers everywhere,” one reader wrote, “stealing the one day devoted to revering fathers, and giving it to mothers.” More

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