Woman Confronts Profane Baltimore Rioters, Delivers Epic Takedown!

Woman Confronts Profane Baltimore Rioters, Delivers Epic Takedown!Capture

Must See: Woman Confronts Profane Baltimore Rioters, Delivers Terse Takedown

As had been the case for days, Baltimore streets were filled with rioters and protesters screaming obscenities when one outspoken woman decided to give a few members of the mob a piece of her mind.

After hearing a string of profanity emanating from a crowd of nearby protesters, she stepped in to admonish them.

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“We got class about ourselves,” she asserted. “We don’t need to be out here acting indignant or cursing.”

Instead of acting out, she urged protesters to “show them that you’ve got some intelligence,” insisting that they’ve “got more intelligence than that.”

Before walking away, she declared that calmer heads will prevail.

“We ain’t gonna act up,” she concluded. “We’re going to do this thing in decency and order.” More

Video contains strong language.

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