Woman Sends Rapist Running With A Special Gift He Will NEVER Forget

Woman Sends Rapist Running With A Special Gift He Will NEVER Forget

In a Florida shopping center parking lot, a chance encounter turned horrific in a hurry for one woman, who was hoping she had just met the conversational Casanova of her dreams. Unfortunately for him, he had just met his match, but not of the love connection kind.

Kenneth Taylor approached the unnamed and unsuspecting woman Tuesday morning, as she was simply trying to make it across a parking lot in Fort Pierce. Thinking he had flirtatious “game,” Taylor intentionally crossed paths with her and engaged her in small talk, assuming his charm would be enough to pull her in. It may have worked for a second, in the sense she stopped to oblige his superficial conversation, but his “swoon” went south in a matter of seconds when he pushed her to the ground, forcing her to become his victim of forcible sex assault, according to WPTV.

Woman Sends Rapist Running With A Special Gift He Will NEVER Forget

What Taylor didn’t consider in his attempted rape was what this woman had in her bra. It wasn’t a firearm or even simple mace — it was a single sharp edge that ultimately made her a victor, not a victim in the situation, paired with a little tenacity to get her through.

After being punched multiple times in the face, the woman reached inside her bra, pulled out a razor blade, and slit her attacker’s throat in an instant. Taylor’s attempt to rape her failed, and he took off running, profusely bleeding from his neck. He eventually called 911 for emergency assistance, which was when his falsified story of innocence caught up with him.

After finding his backpack left behind at the rape scene, investigators easily identified who the woman’s attacker was. Inside the pack he accidentally ditched, authorities recovered a Taco Bell employee cap, which led them to the nearby fast food joint to question the belongings. That’s when Taylor was positively identified as the rape suspect, which was confirmed by the victim in a photo lineup. More


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