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Woman Suspected Of Printing Thousands In Fake Money & Gives Incredible Excuse Involving Obama


Kingsport Police Department


A Tennessee woman suspected of counterfeiting thousands of dollars is blaming President Barack Obama for her arrest.

Pamela Downs, 45, of Kingsport was arrested Sunday after trying to pay for groceries with a $5 bill, which the clerk immediately suspected was fake.

The bill was printed on computer paper and glued together, but still falling apart, according to the Kingsport Times News.

Becoming increasingly suspicious, officers asked Downs if they could search her purse, and she agreed.

Buried inside they found a $100 bill, also reported to be counterfeit, printed in black and white. The back side of the bill was upside down, according to the Times News.

But it wasn’t until officers discovered something else inside the woman’s purse that they actually arrested her right then and there: Walmart receipts showing where Downs had purchased copy paper and a printer apparently gave police all the evidence they needed to haul the suspect away. More

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