Woman Who Fled To Syria To Marry Man Gets PAINFUL Dose Of Karma!

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A 31-year-old Australian woman decided she would pack up her 5 children, leave her suburban lifestyle behind, and join her jihadi husband on the front lines with the Islamic State. However, not long after arriving in Syria, it seemed that Allah had other plans for her.

Sydney woman Tara Nettleton married husband Khaled Sharrouf when she was only 16, quickly converting to Islam and having multiple children. Of course, when her Muslim husband decided to join ISIS, Nettleton packed up her family and headed to join him in 2014, becoming an ISIS bride herself.

Before Sharrouf died in battle, the pair married off their then 13-year-old daughter, Zaynab, to the husband’s best friend, Mohamed Elomar, another ISIS beheader. The little girl soon became pregnant, and 31-year-old Nettleton was ecstatic at the thought of being a grandmother. However, just a few weeks after her daughter gave birth, Nettleton received a brutal wake-up call.

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The Daily Mail reports that just 8 weeks after her grandchild was born, Nettleton suffered a painful death from appendicitis. Unable to access crucial medical treatment because of the Islamic State’s medieval beliefs and primitive healthcare, Nettleton was forced to endure complications from a malady that would have easily been preventable in her home of Australia. More

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