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Would-Be Carjacker Messes With the Wrong Guys ➠ Get What He Deserves ➠ Ends Up In Hospital

‘We Both Decided We Could Take Him’: Would-Be Carjacker Messes With the Wrong Guys, Ends Up in Hospital

Ed Sneddon and Kevin Luebke were chatting as they walked to their cars after a meeting in Alpharetta, Georgia, last week — then someone came up to the businessmen and made three requests.


Image source: WSB-TV

“He says to us, ‘Would you please give me your keys, your cellphone and some money,’” Luebke told WSB-TV. “He lifts up his shirt and shows us a gun.”

Sneddon said his reaction was instantaneous.

“I didn’t feel like giving it up to him that day,” he told WSB. “Kevin and I are both hockey players and we both decided we could take him.”

So Sneddon said he lobbed his car keys to the stranger’s feet — but when the would-be carjacker tried to pick them up, Sneddon kicked him. Then the pair tackled the perp.

“Ed was on top of the guy and I was on top of Ed holding the guy down to the asphalt,” Luebke told WSB.

Luebke told the station Sneddon had a grip on the gun so it couldn’t be fired; police said it turned out to be a BB gun.

The suspect is Jason Lappe, 41, of Atlanta, police said; he’s charged with armed robbery as well as weapons and drug charges. He was in the hospital, WSB reported Thursday.

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