Wow ➠ French Official Says U.N. Climate Deal Should Be Written So Obama Can Bypass Congress


Wow: French Official Says U.N. Climate Deal Should Be Written So Obama Can Bypass Congress…

Then again, this is France we’re talking about.

Via The Hill:

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The French foreign minister said Monday that any international deal that comes from a climate conference in Paris this winter should be written so it avoids needing ratification by Congress.


“We know the politics in the U.S.” Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said, the Associated Press reports. “Whether we like it or not, if it comes to the Congress, they will refuse.”


The United Nations will host a landmark climate conference in Paris in December with the goal of crafting an international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Countries are expected to submit individual reduction targets — the Obama administration’s goal is at least a 26 percent reduction in emissions over 2005 levels by 2025 — and strategies for achieving those goals.

Any final climate deal is expected to have both binding and non-binding aspects. If the treaty is legally-binding and needs to be ratified, the U.S. Senate would have to take that up. Republicans, who control the chamber, have been skeptical of a broad international climate deal, and their opposition could complicate its implementation.

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