WOW! MSNBC: Socialism Never Took Hold in America BECA– USE OF RACISM (Video)

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MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and one of her show panelists recently explained that America isn’t a socialist country because of racism. Because the Founding Fathers envisioned a Socialist America.

Is there anything the left can’t blame on racism?

Transcript via Truth Revolt:

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MHP: So we see this comparison a lot that the U.S. is alone, and nearly alone, among Western democracies in not having universal health care or guaranteed paid parental leave or many other perks of a more socialist government. But the question is why. What makes the U.S. different? And the way I tend to frame this to my students is why is there no socialism in the U.S.? The great Eric Foner question. And there`s a one-word answer, Kai, I’m looking at you, friend —


Wright: Let me see. Could it be race?


MHP: Could it be? I mean that becomes the kind of standard story, right, is that in this country, race and racial privilege has trumped class identity as a way of organizing our politics.

Watch the video:

Isn’t MSNBC a for-profit company?

Aren’t they participating in capitalism?

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