WRATH: ISIS Forces Get Hit With What Some Call Biblical Plague… And It’s Going to Kill Thousands


With the countless barbaric acts that the militants of the Islamic State group commit on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before they were punished on a biblical scale.

Instead of frogs, locusts or flies, the killers of the Islamic State are dealing with an outbreak of something so deadly, it caused them to open up special hospitals and facilities to monitor and keep track of how far is spreads.

Their newest problem? AIDS. The number of infected Islamic State group terrorists has been growing, and some believe it’s a result of their penchant for sex slavery, or, as some believe, an undercover world of bisexual activity, which is strictly prohibited in the Quran.

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An unnamed reporter, according to Shoebat, relocated to Shaddadi, Syria, to investigate the claims that an AIDS center was set up in Almayadeen City at an Islamic State group-controlled hospital.

According to the report, the reporter was able to establish contact with a militant named Abu Qatada, who confirmed that Islamic State fighters were definitely weary of contracting AIDS within their camps and that there were dedicated doctors in the terrorist organization in charge of their AIDS problem.

There was also a story of an Indonesian member of the Islamic State group who knew he was infected with the deadly virus but still donated blood at an Islamic State-run hospital. Once his secret was exposed, he was quickly executed for knowingly harming Islamic State group fighters.

It seems like for a group that’s responsible for so much death, destruction and torture, it was only a matter of time before they had to answer for their evil acts.

If this isn’t divine justice, I don’t know what is.

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